XMLSEC Libs with VS 2005

Trying to build an XML Signing application using the XMLSecurity Library.
Using Visual Studio 2005, and Windows Forms.
And also eventually Ubuntu 7.10 with KDEV. [not started yet]

Got the libraries for Windows from Zlatkovic who has done an excellent job assembling all the libraries for Windows using VS 2003.

I have laid out the folders like this:
directory layout

As a test, I started with a CLR [.Net] based console application and included all the libraries as statically linked. Then I tried to run the sample code and got the following error. Since Zlatkovic did not provide the sources, I cannot debug this directly.

C:CodeXML_SignTestrelease>XML_Signtest sign1-tmpl.xml ca.key > sign1-res.xml
Arguments Dummyargument
Arguments sign1-tmpl.xml
Arguments ca.key
XML_Sign - found start node
XML_Sign - Created Signature Context
XML_Sign - Loaded Key
XML_Sign - key name is set
n:subj=dsigCtx->c14nMethod == NULL:error=100:assertion:
gCtxSigantureProcessNode:error=1:xmlsec library function failed:
Error: signature failed

  1. Perhaps this is a problem with incompatibilities with VS 2005, VS 2003, or
  2. Perhaps this is another problem with how I have included the libraries.

I see a couple of ways that I can proceed:

  1. Get the sources from Zlatkovic and build them again debug after converting the projects to VS2005. Also provide him with the VS2005 projects after I have them working.
  2. Start again with the sources of the projects, and build the VS2005 projects for them.

Here you can find a ZIP of the complete VS2005 test project including the key, certificate and test samples I used. This is a 3.5MB download and some large files have been removed [ncb, pch], but these can be recreated with a rebuild.

Please contact me by email if you have any thoughts.

Thanks very much,