QVCS Unable to Checkout SUO files

I used QVCS a while ago and need source control again, so I’m a returning user.

I’ve got the latest trial [3.10.15], running on Vista x64, quad processor, 4GB memory and 500GB HD.

I created a simple project, no problems in creating the project. But when I check it out I get an error on SUO file.

I’m not sure if I need to source control this file or not, but that shouldn’t be a problem if I do, as far as I know.

SUO files don’t need to be checked in. The problem appears to be that the SUO file is “hidden” in Windows. Problem solved.

Here is a screenshot history of my efforts. Click on pictures for a full size view.:
Create an Attribute Group for the SUO file and make it binary.
SUO Attribute Group

Add the file to the project.
Add the SUO file

Check the status of the file.
SUO Status

Checkout the file:
Checkout the file

Overwrite warning. Choose Overwrite:
Checkout Overwrite

Checkout failed. Visual studio express is not running now and I have full permissions on this file.
Checkout Failed

I have done a recursive checkout of the project and all looks fine with that. Only the SUO file is a problem. Any hints about why I can’t source control the SUO file?

– windy