Windy Circle

In May of 2007 I purchased a smaller lot in Pisces. During the next two weeks I constructed a modern house there with the features that I would need in my new location.

View from South East.

There are four levels.
(1) A Dungeon in dark stone blocks with a photo studio and a workshop for naughty toys.
(2) A lounge level for visiting guests to sit. This was going to be the dance floor, but now the dance floor is on the sundeck.
(3) A bedroom level.
(4) The sundeck with canopies and a few over the houses to the west and setting sun.

This is the Lounge, as yet unfurnished.
Lounge Level

The front view from high up. Notice the highly reflective glass, which is private from outside, but affords a view from inside.
Front Elevated View

The highly polished glass can be seen from this sidewalk view.
Front Ground Level View

The curved doors open to admit guests.
Doors Open

The dungeon with the N30 studio.

The dance floor on the sundeck, with bar and radio as well as a few of the finest dance balls in SL.
Dance Floor on Sundeck

Contact me to stop by and see my home.

– windy