Adobe Premier Pro CS3 – but alas, not for 64bit Vista

I’m a long time user of Adobe Premier. Most recently 6.5.
The Box

I’ve just upgraded my hot new Alienware Area-51 7500 system to Win Vista Ultimate 64bit to take advantage of all the memory and processor features, but alas, Adobe is still stuck in the weeds. According to the Premier Software Specifications page, Premier does not support 64bit Vista. That seems odd, since there is nothing on the platform that cannot easily be supported, even if they only support it in 32bit compatibility mode.

After all, Windows Movie Maker runs in native 64bit mode. And Nero Ultimate 7 contains Nero Vision which works fine on 64 bit – in compatibility mode no doubt.

Well I guess there is no compelling reason to upgrade my Premier license to Pro CS3, since it won’t run on my system. And Win MM and Nero Vision work fine for capture of DV, editing of mpg and creating DVDs in both DVD5 and DVD9 format. I’ve tried them all.