Alienware Area51-7500 Benchmarks

Area51 7500

The new Alienware System has arrived. I was concerned that the system was actually 4x my current system so I downloaded some well known benchmarks and tried them:

(click on pics for larger images)
AlienStorm P1

Typhoon 3dm p1

Well that result is patently ridiculous. The Typhoon system is a dual XEON running at 1.7GHz, so it should measure about 1/4 of the newer system. The graphics card for Typhoon is a NVidia 5900 Ultra which is the top of the line only 3 years ago.

Here are the second pages of the two reports:
Alienstorm 3dm P2

Typhoon 3dm P2

And here are Page 3 of the reports:

Alienstorm 3dm P3

Typhoon P3

As you can see from these last pages, if you compare only the CPU scores:
Typhoon – 825
AlienStorm – 3541
There is a factor of 4.29, which is what you might guess from twice as many processors running at twice the clock rate. Of course the clock rate is not twice but only 1.56, but increased cache and memory efficiency makes the performance a factor of 4.

The PCMark05 benchmark would not run on the Typhoon machine, so I could not compare the results between the two machines. After the test the PCMark program reported an error in “some of the tests” and would not report any results.

– cheers

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