Series Test Post Part 1

First in a series of test posts to test the series plugin.

== In-Series ==
Tags: series, sequential, connected, article series, linking posts, post series
Contributors: Lorelle (, ColdForged (

In-Series provides an easy, future-proof way to connect a series of posts. If you have a series of articles on your site, and you want to ensure your readers can follow the sequence within the series, In-Series will help you provide the links between the posts and articles, improving your site’s navigation.

== Installation ==
1. Install in-series.php into your wp-content/plugins directory.
2. Modify your single.php ( template to call any of the following functions:

If you’re not using (or don’t have) single.php, then place these template tags in index.php after your post content and before your next and previous page navigation tags.