2 comments on “Glitches with Gallery are fixed…

  1. Glitch with Coppermine…
    On my local test system, coppermine suddenly broke… I noticed that it failed with a template error whenever I was not logged in and in Administrator mode. Serious failure.

    I spent all day trying to find the problem. Must have been some combination of configuration and possibly user parameters that sent it off to never-land. I finally ended up updating to 1.4.3 and rebuilding some of the database by hand. I hope I don’t need to do that for this on-line site. It was a royal pain….

    I’ve posted a message in the support board. We’ll see what happens.


  2. Turns out some code was misplaced that processes themes. A developer on the team found and published the simple fix in a few hours. All set now. The galleries have been upgraded to the latest – unnamed – version of coppermine.


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