Test the IImage Browser Plugin

Testing the IImage Browser plugin to create a link from a thumbnail to an image in another window. Click on the image below and get a full size image in another window:


Here’s what the IImage Browser Plugin interface looks like.
Again. Click on the image for a full size view. You’ll have to coax your browser to display the whole image since it’s over 3000 pixels high.

IImage Browser Plugin Interface

One thought on “Test the IImage Browser Plugin”

  1. It turns out that it failed to create a thumbnail for the very large image – 3000 pixels high. But I manually created the thumbnail and uploaded it with a filename of _IImageBrowserPlugin.jpg [Just add an underscore to the beginning to make it a thumbnail] and all was well..
    It did manage to create a thumbnail for the smaller image above.

    Looks like it works.


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