3 comments on “History of the WindyWeather Site

  1. It only took a couple of hours to link all the photo albums into the site. Not all the dates are correct, but most of the postings have been back-dated to the date that they were shot.

    Now for the shareware. I’ll need to move the files around and then link to them and rebuild the description pages. Cutting and pasting for the text and linking the images. I won’t be using one of the uploading plug-ins since I’ll be uploading the images/files in mass with FTP and organizing them in the uploads directory. But I would like to find a linking plug-in with a browser. I’ll see what I can find.

  2. Three shareware programs are entered. I found “Simple Image Linking” plugin for WP. And I’ve found a couple of file attachement programs, but none of them allow you to conviently browse the remote file system to build links or images. They all are aimed at the person who wants to upload and link the file at the same time.

    Oh, well, maybe I’ll build a plug-in for WP…

  3. Well, looks like the old site is completely converted, or at least linked to from the new WP site. Some of the pages were old or complicated, so I linked to them in the old world, and I’ll leave them that way.

    This organization and navigation scheme is totally cool. I’ll never look back.
    I’m going to bring up the new site in a few days. And I’ll put a link to the forums in this site as well. The Russian pharm pushers and internet casinos have found it, so it’s public anyway.
    The phpBB forums are better defended against robot registrations than WordPress, so I’m going to leave all public discussions for my BLOG over on the forums and this site is going to be fixed material with no comments by folks other than me. I can’t see trying to defend WP and phpBB both against script kitties.

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