Early D70 Albums

Some early albums from Summer 2004 taken with Nikon D70. Pictures are from Sunnyvale and Santa Cruz California.

Here are some early albums of Nikon D70 pictures.

  • Album 1 – The first day with the Nikon D70. All the pictures contain a dust spot which has since been removed. Dust is the bane of a digital camera with a removable lens. Frequent checking and cleaning is required when the lens is changed.
  • Album 2 – Pictures in the garden with a 1 to 1 50 mm Macro lens. Such a lens is like a microscope for a camera. 1 to 1 means that the lens is capable of producing a full frame image of an object that is the same size as the film. Also some pictures from the garden.
  • Album 4 – Pictures taken along the coast in or near Santa Cruz, CA, July 2004.