Synchronize Version 3

Synchronize files between two folders, computers or backup files to offline media.

Synchronize files between two folders, drives, computers or backup files to offline media including removable hard drives and CD/DVD RW.

Update: This program has been superseded by SynchQt which is available on SourceForge.

Features New for Synch 3

  • Supports CD/DVD RW drives, including verify.
  • Threads rather than idle-loop operation provides better performance.
  • Substitution allows easy redirection of drives and network paths.
  • Options to remove empty directories after files are deleted.
  • Options to provide handling of files with no extensions.
  • Sizes and positions of windows and column widths of lists are saved and restored.

The Main Window



Pairs Window



  • Remove removes files from the list without disturbing the files.
  • Details displays the details dialog for the selected file.
  • Confirm All performs all the operations in the list.
  • Do Some performs the selected operations in the list.
  • Delete allows deleting one or more source files.
  • Save stores the pair and updates the window title.
  • 2=>1, 1=>2 scans for files between the paths in either direction.

Download Synch3

One thought on “Synchronize Version 3”

  1. This program and its predecessors have been the mainstay of my file backup strategy for 20 years. But recently I no longer use it for backups. With the advent of DVD writers and cheap DVD media, it no longer makes sense to re-write CD or DVD media for backups. When one goes to the trouble of writing 4GB of backup files to a disk, one does not want to risk some error on a later re-write causing previous files being corrupted. I now backup to DVD-+R media with a traditional DVD writer program [Roxio CD Classic].

    I do use Synch to sychronize files between folders and between folders on different computers.

    I hope you find it as useful as I do.

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