Impress Show Runner Trivial on Linux

Update 11 April 2020: Using the xdotool method, the QtShowRunner works well on Linux, so there is a portable version for Windows and Linux. Get the latest at the github repo. I’m still investigating “Deployment” for Windows and Linux. Now, previously… I have beat my head against the wall trying to fix the QtShowRunner program … Continue reading “Impress Show Runner Trivial on Linux”

QtShowRunner Runs Shows in Impress

You recall my previous post about using LibreOffice Impress to show artwork? Well that’s a problem if you have lots of artwork you want to show. The slide shows get very large and so you have a few shows, and then you want to loop them all, right? Impress does not support that. So I … Continue reading “QtShowRunner Runs Shows in Impress”

Java – We have the Technology

We recently proved that Java desktop programs can be easily deployed to Windows and Linux. Now we have proved that other complex parts of the program to run a series of Impress Shows in a loop. Running the command line to launch the Impress program to show the slide show. Finding out when the show … Continue reading “Java – We have the Technology”

Java Deployment Is Easy

I’ve been using QtCreator and the QtFramework for many years to build apps for Windows / Linux. Deployment is always a struggle with the Qt Framework. Deployment is hard work. Lots of hand work and testing to make sure the installers are correct. I’m now forever done with Qt for that. Java is sooooooo much … Continue reading “Java Deployment Is Easy”